Delivery, Return and Refund Policy

Extreme Gadgets” Warranty, Return and
Refund policy Terms & Conditions

“Extreme Gadgets” is dedicated to provide a unique & delightful purchase experience for its customers. We are bound to ensure the highest quality & reliability for our customers.

Extreme Gadgets Serving its customer since 2017.

We’ll provide you 100% Original Brand product. We’re selling 100% branded original authorized product Only and every product is QC Passed. There is only 0.1% Chance of manufacturing Defect.

We always try to give the best product so the probability of problems is 0.1%.

If there is anything wrong or proved copy Product, or any manufacturing fault found We’ll Replace your product instantly and if we can’t, we’ll refund your money instant.

We’re the authorized retailer of maximum Official Gadgets in Bangladesh.

Note: Maximum product is imported from abroad and there are many brand dealer whose office is not available in Bangladesh. That’s why the defect loss is completely our own loss, so kindly keep the product & Product Box fresh so that we can send them back and read the whole Policies Properly.

● We’ll provide you the accurate and best after sales Service for any inconvenience

● Warranty is only applicable in case of a logical manufacturing defect; Customer must notify to our FB Page within 24 hours for warranty claim after receiving the product from home delivery or any type of courier. After notification you will have a maximum of 3 days to bring it to our outlet, The customer has to come in person, the replacement will be 1 Time.

Customers inside Dhaka have to bring the Invoice and product box /Every Accessories to the outlet for any type of after-sales or warranty claim, if it is a customer from outside Dhaka, It has to be couriered, During the courier, the product box must be wrapped well with the help of something solid so that there is no damage to the product box and the product, we’ll send the same product box again.

● Customer must Keep the Product box, Product and all its accessories fresh and scratch less for the first 24 hours. We’ll not accept any type of scratch on product, not even a tiny scratch. Please be careful about use for the first 24 hours of any type of product, keep the box fresh also. Suppliers Doesnt allow any Scratches so we’re also helpless.

● READ THE USER MANUAL or the product usage instruction manual description from internet before use the any product.

▪️No warranty/Replacement will be given for non-warranty products after purchasing any product from our outlet.

▪️ Use Low Voltage Power adapter (5w) or less for any Gadgets like smartwatches, Earbuds or Bluetooth system. No warranty is available for any type of charging Damage including not charging, Charging Port Damaged, Product complete dead issue.

▪️ Display Warranty is not available after Purchase anything, When buying any product from the shop, take a look and buy it, no warranty can be given later, besides, if the product is scratched after taking it, it is no longer acceptable.

▪️You cannot return an item which Isn’t supported on your device (like Earphone, Smartwatch ETC) Buy at your own responsibility.

▪️ There is no replacement or Warranty support for Calling sound Issue, Like Noise, Low Power Mic Problems & ETC,
It can be Earbuds, Earphone, Smartwatch, Any Bluetooth or other gadget.

▪️ No warranty support is provided for battery back up, If there is no charge back up as much as it is said from the manufacturers brand or retailer, then there will be no warranty support.

▪️For any warranty claim ( Within 24 Hour) you must show the problem with the unboxing video of the product, otherwise no replacement will be given.

(Sometimes there are some scam fake person/Customer orders to us and after receiving the product they replace it with Replica, broken or Faulty item and ask for replacement or service, so for safety please keep a video record of the product and its box clearly for understand)

We may ask customers for videos to prove that they have problems with our product, if you cant provide us the prove, we’ll not give any type Of Warranty