“Extreme Shop” is a complete online shop

Extreme Shop operates totally online. We have no physical shop. As a sister concern, we offer extreme Gadgets branches as free pickup point.

“Stock and price”

There’ll be promotional offer price & for Update price inbox to our page ( Price Depends on Stock & Current Suppliers Rate). As Extreme Shop operates online, our management costing is much less, so considering that we can offer products at the lowest possible price as promotional offer.

“Extreme Shop” has their dedicated Customer service

Extreme Shop platform operates with its own management. Its a completely different management. None of our sister concern’s management is related to Extreme Shop.

“Extreme Shop” Only Sell Products by Home Delivery or Courier

Extreme Shop operates online. So we only deliver via Home Delivery or Courier. If customer wishes they may use our free pickup point. But Extreme Gadgets management will not be liable for any actions. Customer must contact Extreme Shop management for using free pickup point.

There is no price relationship between It’s Sister concern “Extreme Gadgets”

As explained before, Extreme Shop promotional price or regular price only applicable on Extreme Shop. Extreme Gadgets has no relation in this matter. Extreme Gadgets is managed by separate management. Extreme Shop’s management or operation has no relation in Extreme Gadgets management or operations.

If Extreme Gadgets Promote any Product or Campaign Link, its ” Extreme Gadgets” liability

Any customer from “Extreme Shop” Website must contact “Extreme Shop’s” management

For any product courier, warranty or queries Extreme Shops customer must contact our own management (Facebook page/email/phone no).

None of the sister concern of “Extreme Ventures” specially “Extreme Gadgets” will be liable if customer reaches them and thus arises any confusion

Our Sister concerns

Dedicated Gadget retail Platform, Serving its customer since 2017


Outlet 1: Basundhara City Shopping Mall, Level:5, Block:D, Shop:98
Outlet 2: Jamuna Future Park, East Court Level:4, Block:D, Shop:11
Extreme Streaming is a dedicated online streaming service provider. They provide online movie streaming, Music Streaming and many other premium subscriptions. Inbox them for more details.
Extreme Reseller is a Gadget resell platform that operates as a B2B service provider. They provide all sorts of business support to create and build reseller’s own brand. This platform has the most organized and active reseller program in Bangladesh. Job holders and anyone who is 18 years or above can use this platform as a part time business and extra income source.